Thursday, October 19, 2006

My Cat

We have a cat. She is an indoor cat. At least we have told her this.
In fact she does love it indoors. She likes the warmth. She sleeps in the coziest placest. Often we find her cuddled next to little girl in her bed. Other times up high on top of my kitchen cabinets. She has a good life here. She is well fed. She is much loved.
So why, oh, why does she want to go outside? Over the last year, she has made a statement. I want to be out, as often as I can. And with little children in the home it is not difficult to find the door open. The kids are learning to shut the door and sometimes are very mindful of it. Yet still she goes into stealth mode and plans her escape. Once out, she travels the neighborhood. Sometimes she is out all day, sometimes over night. I think she knows she has it good, because she always returns.
Last night we arrived back to the house late. We come in and she goes leaping out. I let her know, "It's going to be a cold one, you should come back in." She meanders away, ignoring my warning. Ten minutes later there is wailing at the door. Pitiful "MEOW, MeOW, MEOW." I open the door and she comes running in. She decided to listen to me afterall.
It made me think, "How often do I do this?" What does the Lord say to me? This morning as I thought about it, I sensed He said something like this...."I have fashioned you. You are exactely where you need to be. Stay with me where you are cozy and warm. In my presence. You have it good here. Don't go looking out to the world. It is cold. It is harsh. Stick with me. Yes I know, sometimes you have your own plan. You want to do things your own way. Please don't. My way is best! Yes, if you test it out I will welcome you back. I will sweep you up in my arms. And remind you once again of my unfailing love!"
Wow. I have it good. I know I do. I have a loving Father, that longs to be with me. I am safe in His arms away from the harshness of the world. Makes me want to obey and stay near Him.
Now only if my cat would get that message too.


Jada's Gigi said...

Our Lord is so gracious to allow us opportunity to explore and figure out for ourselves that He really does know best..:)

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

so true! it is so cold out there - why do we insist on going out!!!

Margo said...

I've had my cta for almost 19 years. He's been both an indoor cat and an outdoor cat at different times. Now he has the best of both worlds. He's an indoor/outdoor cat.

I can remember when he was an indoor only kittie all he wanted to do was get outside! He spent hours just contemplating his next move. lol So, I can totally relate to this. Cat's just love to wander!

Margo said...

By the way, this post really ministers to me. Thanks. :-)