Friday, September 29, 2006

Daniel: Lives of Intergrity, Words of Prophecy

Yesterday morning was the launch of the new bible study by Beth Moore Daniel: Lives of Intergrity, Words of Prophecy. I am excited at what the journey will bring. After much prayer I decided to switch for my Weds night womens group to a Thursday morning. It means new faces, new people to share and grow with. My desire is to connect with more stay at home moms, hopefully some homeschoolers. I love connecting with woman in general, regardless of home dynamics. I am not sure yet where my role in this Thursday morning bible study is, will I lead a table, will I assist or will it be a time to be just a participant? I will find out next week. With leadership happening on some many different fronts right now it would be nice to have a time of refreshing, adding to discussion but not being the point person.
I will also say this...this study is where my heart is right now. LIVES OF INTERGRITY!!! Standing up in a world where the mentality is "it is all about me." and the WORDS OF PROPHECY...gets me giddy.

For those in the area, it is not to late to sign up. For those out of the area; encourage your women's group at church to look into it. It is going to be one incredible ride.


Bek said...

looks good.........hope it goes well for ya.....also i commented on last post

Kristina at Learn2Luv2Run said...

i tried to comment earlier and it wasn't working. it being my computer. anyway, hope you have a great time!!!!!