Friday, September 22, 2006

Camping Part 2

If you are reading this before part 1 go there now. Then continue.

Big Sable has a distinct black band that can be sen by day and a steady light pattern that can be seen by night. Usually closed to the public, we were given a tour of the keepers quarters. It was cool to see where the keepers of the light stay while on their two week stints. Quite beautiful

DD and I

Cobbler in the dutch oven. Yummy!

DS can now bait his own hook and take off any fish he catches. Lucky me, not that I would if he didn't.

On the boardwalk. The night before this shot DS caught a small perch and Jewel caught a 6" bass.

Jewels first motor boat ride. While out they fished a bit but didn't catch anything.

Out from the boradwalk was a shallow lake that Jewel and DS practiced canoeing.

On the last day we took a six mile hike. We went through some many different habitats. Island, march, sand dune, inland, ridges and forest.

Check out the crazy root system on these trees. Each tre had a very unique look to it on the ridge.

Wildflowers. Many different varieties so pretty.

Kasi, our dog was hilarious this week. She proved to be bird dog to the core. She swam after heron, duck and swans. Catching a swan and annoying it. If she saw the water she wanted to be IN the water. And if she saw a bird, she wanted the bird.

Hope you enjoyed the update from our trip.

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Diane@Diane's Place said...

Well, that didn't disappoint! It looks like a beautiful place to camp. I love the ocean and the big lakes. Too bad it wasn't a little warmer so you could swim more.

I think you're feeding those kids Miracle Gro! They're growing like the proverbial weeds. I can tell they've grown a lot even since you were here in early summer. :-)