Monday, September 04, 2006

Sunday Afternoon

We spent the afternoon with family at my dad's cousins pond. In the morning it was 50 degrees and when we got out of church it was in the 70's perfect for an afternoon outdoors. While we were there my dog ran in between the fishing pole and got snagged on the hook. We got it out with some wire cutters and she was off again like nothing ever happened.

She would swim way out to retrieve her ball.

Fun in the sun.

DS enjoyed running off the dock and jumping in.

DD enjoyed plauing in the sand.

After dinner, DS and I took the canoe out. Kasi our dog decided to tag along. She swam the whole way across the pond. Then we let her ride back with us. DS paddled the whole way back as I held onto Kasi so she didn't jump overboard. DS was so pleased with himself that he guided us all the way back. Not to mention good practice for left and right.

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Kristina at Learn2Luv2Run said...

Pics aren't showing up on my computer right now. i'll try back later.

We have like a super-mega-internet filter and even when I turn it off to view blogs...sometimes it still messes with pictures and I can't see them...not sure what's up.