Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Who Knew??

Well I knew that my daughter can run circles around me when it comes to energy. She abounds in energy. Today we walked over to the track that is at the end of our street. My thought was a little PE. Run around the track, record their times for one lap around and use that to see if they improve over the year. I thought maybe stretch, then my son would do a lap, then maybe me. Little girl, if she wanted to. So we get there, we stretch. DS puts his toe on the line, ready set go, and he's off. 3:12. Next up, me. I did not have my running shoes as they were in the vehicle my husband took today, so in flip flops I run the lap. Time? Unknown, little ones messed with the stop watch 23 seconds into the lap. Oh well. Then the surprise, little girl puts her toe on the line and says "my turn." She takes off and runs her little heart out. She never stopped, she plugged away until she made it back around, her time? 3:19!!!!! 7 seconds off her brothers time. She stops for a second then says, I am going to go again. And she did. I went again with a time of 2:44. Little girl went a total of 4 times around, nearly back to back. She would get a drink and go again. She did a MILE!! Her brother I convinced to do one more lap so we both did a half mile. Little girl with a determination unseen before ran a mile. Running may just be her thing. I had a hard time getting her off the track. With the offer of lunch and a return trip later in the week, we left. Who knew? We have a little runner girl.


Bek said...

ha, how fun it must be to discover one of the little surpriseds God put in your little girl!! cool stuff!

Kristina at Learn2Luv2Run said...

How awesome! That is great seriously!`

Anonymous said...

Truely amazing. I hope she sticks with it.