Saturday, March 06, 2010

Tween Trust

In a state much like Michigan, in a city much like Lansing in a car much like my own, a conversation took place between a woman and a tween. While the details of this conversation will remain confidential, the woman in this situation felt there was much to be said on the matter.
You see it boiled down to broken trust. And while trust had not been broken with the woman, she feared that trust was being broken in other relationships of this dear tween.
So here is the advice the woman shared with the tween:
Communicate with you parents. Speak truth to them. Even if you feel that you will disappoint them or be disciplined it is easier to come clean than to break trust. For once trust is broken it is a very hard thing to regain.
In regards to this tween who is highly trusted, the woman reminded her of all her privileges. Weekly trips to the skating rink, money for a variety of activities, roaming of the neighborhood to play with whomever the tween chose, a trust that she is where she says she is and because this is so she is allowed to do so.
The moment trust is broken all of this changes! The moment a parent finds out they have been lied to or blatantly disobeyed it all changes! They will question every request you make. They will follow-up on every place you say you will go. They will refuse you certain privileges and activities not knowing who will be there and whether or not they can trust you to make the best decisions.

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