Thursday, May 21, 2009

Car Conversation

"Yes dear."
"Did you know I have 3 friends who go to their moms house and then their dads?" As she proceeds to list their names. Then continues..."Kelsey had to go back to her mom's house last night."
I wasn't planning on having a discussion about divorce or kids who have split custody. But apparently these things have been on her 5 year mind.
"Mom, why did her mom call her?
I tried my best to explain that regardless of where the parent is they want to talk to their kid. Like when my husband goes out of state on travel, he calls and talks to them because he misses them. Just like Kelsey's mom must miss her when she is at her dads.

Unfortunately, there are more than 3 kids let alone friends that are children of divorce.
Lord, be with our little friends that are in the midst of divorce and custody arrangements. Help them to see and feel loved by both of their parents. Protect their hearts Lord. Provide for their every need.


Mindy Richmond said...

You know this is an area near and dear to my heart. These are tough discussions to have with our own children but necessary because it is unfortunately so common.

momteacherfriend said...

I know Mindy, I thought of you throughout the conversation.

Our media is saturated with it. Our communities are overflowing with it. Divorce seems to be reigning in our culture. It is sad that she was able to identify it so young.