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The following tribute was posted in our homeschool support email. Original author not noted.

On July 13, 2007, Dr. Raymond Moore, known as the grandfather of the
homeschool movement in the United States, died at the age of 91. Today
many homeschoolers may not be familiar with who Dr. Moore was, but in the
early 80’s when many of us first learned about homeschooling it was Dr.
Moore that sparked our interest. Dr. Moore’s research in the early 70’s
and articles published in the 80’s showed that early institutional
schooling was not necessary for a successful education. Dr. Moore’s first
interviews on “Focus on Family” (in 1982) exposed millions of people to
the idea of homeschooling. Personally, those interviews were the ones that
started our journey into homeschooling. These conversations had great
influence on those who eventually became leaders in the homeschool
movement. Mike Smith, president of HSLDA, commented that “Moore was
responsible for exposing our family to homeschooling in 1982. He has a
deep love for children and remained passionate that parents should be
their child’s primary teacher.” (Washington Times Op-ed; Honoring Moore’s
Achievements, August 20, 2007)
Dr. Moore, and his wife Dorothy, faithfully served the homeschool
community for over 50 years, traveling across the country to many courts
and hearings to testify as an expert witness in homeschool cases. The
Moore’s testified in state legislatures when bills were introduced to
legalize homeschooling and spoke at many conferences encouraging families
to educate their children at home. Dr. Moore’s influence will be missed.
For more information on Dr. Moore and his contributions to homeschooling
visit: Listen to the original broadcast on Focus
on the Family at

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