Monday, August 27, 2007

Have You Ever...

Have you ever had a moment that as soon as it happens you know something life changing just happened?
Last night I went to the "We Are Chorale" concert reunion. My aunt had traveled home from Maryland to attend her High School Chorale Reunion. 9 years of chorale students reunited for 5 days to practice and reminisce. The end result a beautiful concert giving a taste from the past.
I have to say "Man, we missed out!" These people were raised in an age where prayer was still in school. Their songs were predominantly Judo-Christian. The majority of songs played last night would not even be considered these days. Oh, sure we may still have musicals and "Trouble" or "Soliloquy" could still be sung. Maybe.
Looking through the many faces, most now wearing glasses, I saw contributing members of society. This tight knit group of people had someone who believed in them and inspired them to be all that they could be. Some became professional musicians, another a chief of police, teachers and choir directors. It was apparent to me that this man leading them was a part of their success in life. I realized as well that this man, Oak, was a part of my musical heritage. He instilled a love of music in my aunts who often sang with me on car rides. While my mom was not directly under him in choir he impacted her too. Then there is my choir director from my church choir that I was in during high school. And a dear man who mentors at Visions leading others into the Lord's presence through worship. Each has played a part in my love for music and they each were under the direction and care of this man. It spoke to me about how we impact those around us effects far more than we can see.
The concert was beautiful. Truly talented people. A glimpse of what school was like in the 60's and early 70's. Before email and internet, a connection, community. A deep sense of faith in one another and in God. At the close of the concert I saw the vision's mentor and went up to talk to him. I asked if he was a part of this and the smile in his eyes spoke it all. When we made the connection of who he was and who I was it came down to he was one of my aunt's best friends in high school. We had no idea. At the realization of how huge God is he began to cry. This night spoke of his redemption. Healing the past, where poor choices put an end to some of his most important relationships. It was a taste of just how far he has come and the moment was beautiful. We prayed, we talked. I asked him when prayer left the schools and he shared with me. 1969. We talked about the effects as they were evident.
I guess I left there feeling a few different things. First of all, God is huge. He orchestrated this moment and it was beautiful to see the joy, the healing, the laughter of remembrance. It was a night I am sure none will ever forget. Secondly, that we all are important and we all effect one another more than we realize. I want to be an influence in my world that leads others to a sense of accomplishment, joy and a knowledge of my Savior. The ordinary does accomplish the extraordinary. Third, PRAYER MATTERS! In my home school I still have the right to incorporate prayer into our day. And pray we shall. And lastly that I want to keep singing as there is something miraculous in song.

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Irritable Mother said...

OK, how is it I didn't know you sing? Or do I know it, and just don't remember I know it?
Your talents are endless!