Friday, March 16, 2007


Tri class last night started with our 30 minute or so bike ride on the spin bikes. I am not sure if it was an easier workout last night or if it is getting easier but it did not seem to bad last night. Now don't get me wrong, it was still hard, it just did not feel like I was riding to save my life only to find out I am still being chased.
The run started out with the 5 minute warm-up as usual. Intentional focus on form as we transition from bike to run. Interesting on how your body responds to the transition. The calves just love it. After a few laps it is usually worked out and the body is ready to run.
The drill we used last night was called a pyramid. Run 2 laps walk a lap, run 4 walk a lap, run 8 walk a lap. then back down, run 4 walk a lap, run 2 walk a lap. Running 1.5 miles in all. The idea is to run at about 80%, recovering with a walking lap then increasing your volume. Thus increasing your endurance and stamina. I really pushed it, running some of my fastest laps. I broke my 30 second lap. Yippee. But the thing that I really was in awe about, the time. Comparing it to the lap times from the previous day when I ran the two mile The total time for the 25 times around the track was 3 seconds less then when I ran continuously. My pace was that much faster, that even though there was 5 laps of walking it was still a faster time. I went over it and over it, did lap averages and it is true. Remarkable.
So with a successful night on the track I decided to take pyramids to the pool today. 1 length rest, 2 lengths rest, 3 lengths rest, 4 lengths rest, then back down 3, 2, 1 with a recovery rest in between each. It was great! The 4 was a real challenge and I ended up rolling over to the back on the 4th length but that was the only time I rolled. With both my warm up and cool down I did 475 of the 500 with the front crawl. Of course I realize this was with recovery rests but this is still huge for me. I really liked how the pyramid challenges me to push it.
I am so thankful I am taking this class. I am learning a ton.

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