Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mom My Ride

Oh my goodness funny, thanks Karen!
Our vehicle has been a source of contention throughout our married life. Actually it began when we were coming home from a premarital counseling session. My hubby had always prided himself in a clean car. Nice and clean, that is how he likes it. And I don't fault him for that. However when we got our first car as a couple he was so, how shall I say this, fanatical that he allowed no eating in the car and laminated paper floor mats to keep the floor clean. He got a huge stack of the paper inserts that car dealerships use and he used them. Yes he did. So back to our counseling session. Our church in their wisdom required that all couple go through 6 sessions of premarital counseling with another couple who had been married for many years. On one particular night the conversation went to the car. How I thought it was a little much that he did not allow any eating in the car. He sat quietly fuming. The husband of the couple that was advising us thought hubby was a little overboard in regards to the car. On the way home Dear Hubby pulls into a McDonald's and orders two french fries. I think hmm maybe we are getting somewhere. The cashier hands hubby the bag with the two fries in them and off we go. He hands one to me and literally dumped the other all over the back seat. Stating that this is what the vehicle would look like if we ate in it. For years we had a relatively clean car. Then we had kids. And our car has never been the same. Every so often we completely gut it out and try to start fresh but we just can not seem to conquer it.
After watching this video I feel much better about our car situation. Maybe it will comfort you as well. Watch here.
PS We have had duct tape on our mirrors. Oh yes we have.


mommyofangels said...

Kids change everything.

Karen Hossink said...

Laminated paper floor mats? Are you kidding? That's funny!
When my hubby watched this video and they started the thing with duct tape he said, "OK. They're getting a little too personal here!" LOL

Anonymous said...

Too Funny! I think your hubby has compromised a great deal over the years! lol You just need to find a happy medium for you both. And next time I ride with you -please leave me some room! lol