Saturday, December 23, 2006


I can use all the support I can muster up. And you my friends and family are just that. My support. I need you. I need you to ask me how I am doing. I need you to ask me if I got up to spend time with God. Ask how I am eating, whether or not I worked out. Ask me what I am learning. Ask me what truth I am claiming for myself that day. Hold me accountable. And if you like, I can do the same for you.

I weighed in today, I have lost 2 pounds! WooHoo! 1/10 of my goal!
Overall the group is doing awesome. Out of the 5 that weighed in last week we collectively have lost 20 pounds. Go ahead and clap. This is a holiday week and look what we have already accomplished. Two more joined us this week so that makes 7 for Saturday weigh-ins. I have been intentional on stretching. Day one I was shocked how much flexibilty I had lost. I could almost touch my ankle and well my toes, forget it. As the week has progressed I have been able to grab hold of my toes in the flex position. Improvement. For me this 16 week focus is not as much about the weight loss, as it is improvement in my overall health. Am I able to breath after physical activity? I am hoping to gain complete flexibility. I am desiring to strengthen my muscles. Define them. I am desiring to take control of my flesh. To not sleep in, to eat healthy, to regularly exercise. To have self-control. I know I can do it. Especially with the accountability of all of you!

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

9 Two are better than one,
because they have a good return for their work:

10 If one falls down,
his friend can help him up.
But pity the man who falls
and has no one to help him up!

P.S. I passed the Fire Mountain Grill test. Grand buffet! I managed to eat properly and without over indulgence. This is huge for me as when I usually go to an all you can eat buffet, I usually stuff myself to sickness. You know to get my monies worth. I had an enjoyable meal last night, so I feel I got my monies worth with no ill effects. YEAH!


Sarah Smith said...

Congratulations, Sarah! That is quite an accomplishment, especially considering the holiday "treats" that seem to be everywhere at this time of year.

Can I join your Operation? So, yes, I can't be there for your weekly weigh-ins, but I, too, need a little help with issues of the flesh, namely I need to learn to simply eat healthy and exercise, and not obsess about these things to an unhealthy degree. Whaddaya think?

This Journey of Mine said...

I too am interested in encouraging you. And also, I am in need of encouragment and accountability on similar issues. When Christmas is over, lets email each other.

Merry Christmas!

momteacherfriend said...

I am all for anyone and everyone joining in on Operation Can!!!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. You can do all things too, if you believe!

So I am totally game. Email me at

Let me know your current assessment, your goals, areas of weakness. The first step is honesty with yourself, second honesty with others. Third, take action.

KelseyChristine said...

Wow I'm impressed!!

I'm supposed to be working out for the gym class I'm taking online (can you believe there is gym ONLINE??), but I haven't been very disciplined about it... You inspired me to try harder though!! MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Kellie said...

Sarah I found a helpful site On the front page you click on the Free Diet Assesment. Then fill out the window that pops up. It will give you your current and healthy BMI, your healthy weight range, your calorie levels to maintain and loose weight. The diet program is not free just this little bit of info. I thought it was helpful to know when I was trying to loose weight. Of course not now it doesn't have plans for preggies. Love you.

momteacherfriend said...

Thanks Kellie,
I went to the site and entered in my info. My goal is exactly right smack in the middle of my healthy weight range. I do not want to count calories. I do not want to be obsessive. I have found that if I listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit I am exactly where I need to be. And not depriving myself. It has to be good if I am being obedient. For example, for workouts I was listening to Him and found out later that I was doing everything right. Duration of time, body positions and the like. Fitness plan specifically tailored to me...who knew?