Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Girl's Date And Other Stuff

The boy had a sleep over at his cousin's so after the housework was (mostly) done, little girl and I went on a date. We loaded up the bike and tag-along. Packed a lunch and headed out for one of our favorite parks. Before I left I got the coordinates for a couple caches within the park. The park has some nice bike trails making caching by bike a nice option for us. Little girl likes treasure hunting, she does not always enjoy hiking. We biked and found the two treasures. The one was the glitter cache and everything inside was glittery. Perfect for little girl and our girl's only date.
The weather was gorgeous (83 degrees) and the splash pad was open so we found our swimsuits in the gym bag. We had so much fun. I took a few pictures of the girl and she took some of me.

After we splashed around we decided to go down to the lake as the guard was on duty and people were in the water. I put on my swim cap and goggles and swam out to the buoy and back. This was a bit of an eye opener for me as I am SOOO used to the pool were you touch feet against the side of the pool every 25yds. I swam out and started heading back a bit disoriented from the break in my rhythm. I ended up touching down as soon as I could touch before continuing on. It made me realize this pool mentality I have. I think ifit would have been a straight live it would not have bothered me but turning around without touching down and breaking up my breathing threw me.

Today I went to the gym wanting to figure out how to fix it. I set the time for 15 minutes and swam it continuously WITHOUT TOUCHING THE WALL to turn around. I did it! I swam 600yds and only once (accidentally) touched the wall. I realized even in the midst of turning I need to keep my breathing pattern. HUGE difference. No longer concerned about the swim, still want another warm day to try it out.

I went with my parents to the grave sides and got pictures and GPS coordinates for them. I am in the midst of putting all the information together and plan to send it on to family members. Still need to do a few more that we did not make it to the other day.

My homeschool support group had an open house last night. I am amazed at how many families are a part of this group; over 200. And all the resources we have available to us. I signed up for Enrichment Day in the fall. They had openings for 8-9 more families and we were number 9 to sign up so I am hoping we DO get in. If they fill up for AM we do have PM as an option but most of my peer group is in the AM class. Hope to know soon.

The falcons did not hatch. It was an unsuccessful clutch. They may breed again and still have a late clutch this year. No hatchlings to watch. (Sad)

Plugging away at school. Vacation is coming up SOON. I am getting excited about the trip. I plan to convert my aunt and uncle into geocaching. Sounds like they are up for the challenge and excited about it too. We plan to take a few travel bugs along with us to move them along towards their goal. Miss Monkey will be seeing the National Zoo and The Bill will go to see the capital. Lots of fun to be had.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know about the cache at GLCC. Is it listed on the site?

We love geocaching although we haven't had time to go since it warmed up. Too much yard work and no play makes me a grumpy Mommy! :-)

Anonymous said...

That park looks like fun! Thanks for sharing.

Bek said...

looks like u know how to have some real and affordable fun with adorable daughter :)

Sarah Smith said...

That looks like so much fun!