Monday, May 18, 2015


As I type the cat is lying at my feet so I am not alone, but the house is empty of all human companions. This morning for the first time in his 14 years of life my son entered the public school system as a student. It appears that our homeschooling days have officially come to an end.
God has been preparing me for this moment for awhile now. At times it seemed the day would never arrive and that we would keep my boy home throughout high school. Yet, I sensed that the transition was coming. While he is in no way excited as his sister was, he too is ready. I am sure he will do fine. Some have asked, why start at the end of the year? It is a valid question. When we finally made the decision I sat down with the dean to go over our options. We both felt it best to start now for a couple of reasons. At their school they do placement tests three times a year. His class is scheduled for these two test this week. So he will be taking them right alongside his peers. This will help us determine many things. Where is he at academically? Their school has three tiers for placement; novice, grade level and honors. They also offer summer school for those currently behind. Since he is more hands on and mechanically minded, there is a possibility he will need some assistance to get up to speed in some areas. Or, he could be totally on track. It is hard to say. The test will tell. Another reason to start now is to ease any anxiety. The end of the year is more relaxed which will give him a chance to make a few friends, get to know the routine and get his mind around all things school. Anyone can do just about anything for 4 weeks. This will help over the summer too as he will not be worried about transitioning in the fall. He will know what to expect.

So what about me? What do I do now that both kiddos are in school? Career? College? Continue with community involvement? As it will only be four weeks until summer break, I am not making any decisions right now. I will take the time to relax, clean, set up some routines, visit with friends and spend time at the garden. I will take a moment to breathe. Maybe I will finish going through the math program or read a whole stack of books. Maybe I will go on long hikes and soak in the sights and sounds of nature. Maybe I will blog more. Oh the possibilities.

I don't know completely what next year will look like and that is okay. I am trusting that is the right thing for now. I am trusting that God has a plan for me and my house. He's got this and we have Him.

Lord, as we walk through this transition be with us. Guide us through the unknown. Bring my boy, your perfect peace that surpasses all understanding. Help him to make friends. Help him to focus on the tasks given. Help him to thrive and succeed, in whatever or wherever he is. Protect him and keep him safe. Be with me and help me to know what I am to do. Guide my steps as I pursue my future. Help me to not rush the process but be content with each day. I thank you for the many wonderful years we had together. All the adventures. The memories. The blessings. I thank you! May my children continue to find favor, now and forever. In Jesus Name. AMEN!

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Unknown said...

Beautiful post. God has always had you and your kiddos in His hands, He is not about to drop you or them now. Following His plan for our lives or for our children's for that matter is not always easy, but we are so blessed when we do follow it and it sounds like you my dear are following after Him wholeheartedly. ((HUGS)) to you!! ~Lori Gwilt