Thursday, May 21, 2015

Shameless Pleasures

The phrase "guilty pleasure" does not apply as I feel no guilt over enjoying the following this last week.
*I cranked my music up as loud as I wanted and not once did someone ask me to turn it down or turn it off.
*I spent two hours chatting with a friend over hot chocolate and essential oils. It fed my soul. Thanks Laura!
*One morning I went back to bed after dropping the kids off to school.
*A long relaxing bath.
*I took a moment to listen to the birds sing at the garden.
*I played Farm Heroes and not once did the internet go out because too many users were trying to use the same signal.
*The cat curled up to me and no one stole her from my arms.
*The dog has been my shadow, my protector.
* I have knocked things off my to-do list. While work may not sound pleasurable, during the month of May Madness (gardens, theatre, dance, and choir) time is precious and things often go undone. Seeing them done is rewarding. 

Next up: Lunch with my girl Mindy.

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