Sunday, September 21, 2014

#47 Couple-of-Minute Steaks and Potato Ragout

What is not to love with a steak and potato dinner?
 This one used three different herbs; parsley, rosemary and thyme. I am so glad I purchased the mini pots of herbs. Fresh really is better. I did make the mistake of putting the parsley near an open bowl of cider vinegar, I think it yellowed some of the leaves. Easy remedy though.
Couple-of-Minute Steak and Potato Ragout
The seasoning on the steak was spot on. The ragout was good, however there was a bit of a wine aftertaste that we were not used to. Good but probably not repeated with the wine.
Mama liked.

The steak was good but a bit fatty. The potatoes were not very good with the wine.

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