Sunday, September 14, 2014

#44 Ricotta Smothered Mushroom "Burgers" with Sweet Onion Topping

 This one took some mental preparation before we could get the courage to make it. Well I was ready on Thursday when it was first scheduled but dear sweet daughter on the other hand, she could have waited forever. 
 Finally with the promise of BBQ chips and pomegranate she bucked up and got her done.
The onions were caramelized in tomato paste, this was a new thing.
I decided to go sans bun. This is one giant portabella smothered in ricotta cheese and topped with the onions. It was a rather dramatic dinner. Gagging; some legit while some forced. Yet miraculously they both got it down. Gladly took the BBQ chips and both proclaimed, NEVER AGAIN!
I am indifferent.  In my vegetarian days I had so yummy portabella burgers so I know never say never.

Disgusting! Never again! Excuse me while I go eat my pomegranate, this is my kind of food. -DD

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Heather in Michigan said...

Hubby and I feel the same way about portabello "steak". If you butterfly them it's much more tolerable! There's less mushroom in each bite.