Tuesday, September 01, 2015

This Is the Way

Yesterday was the big day! It has been nearly 15 years since I last interviewed for a job. I have been out of the workforce since the day I went into labor with my sweet boy. Over a decade ago.
I have been anticipating this moment all summer. I have been praying about it, pondering it, dreamed about! Seriously, I don't know how many times I have woke up in the morning with interview answers on my mind. I was ready!
Ready for the interview! Not so much what to wear to the interview. I tried to go to the store last week after I got news that the interview was scheduled. It was overwhelming. I am fashionably challenged. Nothing on the racks was jumping out at me, so I left. In the end, I called on my sister and the powers of the internet to help me out. She brought business attire to my door step. I took a look at the clothing she provided, opened up my closet to see what I had that could possibly work and then started trying on outfits. I knew I could not trust my own fashion sense, so I decided to call upon friends on facebook to help me out. I posted six pictures and let the opinions roll in. It is clear that many of my friends DO have fashion sense. They also have business sense and were able to provide fantastic feedback. What to wear, what not to wear, accessories, opinions, critiques...it was fabulous! It was a blessing! In the end I went with a pair of black dress pants and a gray crinkled shirt. I wish I could describe it accurately for you but it is really not in my skill set. Oh wait, I can show you.

I made a trip to Claire's Boutique and found a couple necklaces and some earrings. This went to a private vote in a message to an audience of one, a trusted fashion peep. My daughter was in the passenger seat laughing at me. "Mom, you are just like Lauren Marano's character in Bad Hair Day." Apparently, she put up every decision she needed to make for her prom, dress, hair style, shoes, accessories, online asking for her friends input. Um, so I guess this was me. As far as the clothing and accessories were concerned. I did, however, make my own choices on shoes and hair.
If you took part in my fashion poll yesterday, THANK YOU! Your thoughts and opinions made my day. The fact that you took the time to reply, mattered and was appreciated! You, my friends, gave me the confidence to go into that interview and rock it!
I walked into the interview room and faced my interviewers, all five of them,with confidence. You read that right, FIVE! Five on one. Five on one, people! Present was the Dean of K-2, the Dean of 3-5,  the Dean of Middle School, the Dean of Intervention, and the principal. If I wasn't so excited that may have intimidated me, but I was excited. And confident! So I sat myself down, with a huge smile on my face, and answered  a plethora  of questions. About my time homeschooling, assessment tests, my strengths, my weaknesses. Funny part of the interview. The biggest weakness in the forefront of my mind at that moment was my lack of fashion sense. I shared with them how being out of the business world for so long and my lack of fashion I had taken to facebook to help me, because I did need help, with my interview attire. We all got a good laugh. The interview continued with situational scenarios. It was not difficult to reply to these as real life had already provided the answers. What would I do if faced with a highly distracted child and I was trying to get their attention? Been there, done that. Have I ever had to deal with an irate parent, how did you handle it? Um, YES! Again real life answer. Multiple situations, all of which I have lived out, over the course of the last 10-15 years. They smiled, they nodded, they affirmed; I sensed they liked me.
It has been on my mind continuously the last couple months how God has brought this all together. It is not often that we can see the big picture of our lives, the tapestry that has been shaped and molded by our experiences; how they come together to make something beautiful. This has been my reflection. I have been out of the workforce but I was not stagnant. All those experiences over the last two decades have shaped me into the woman I am today. All those unpaid volunteer hours were worth it! What I have done, made a difference in the moment to those I have served, but it also had a purpose for me. Shaping, molding, refining, defining, preparing me for this next season of my life. God has had a plan through it all. A path I have needed to follow.
This is the way, walk in it! I walk amazed.
I am walking into a new season of life and I am ready!

Updated 9/1/15 9:30am- Position offered and accepted! Woot woot!


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Syd said...

Hi, I just started blogging two days ago and I stumbled to your blog and this particular post. First I want to say that you looked good and I want to ask how the interview went? I haven't have an interview for almost a decade now cause of health issue, I wouldn't know how to deal with it if I have it now. You're blog post interest me. I will be reading :)
Please visit my blog and any pointers will be greatly appreciated. Have a great day!