Friday, October 24, 2014

Decision Made

The kids and I recently started listening to Anne Frank The Diary of a Young Girl. At the start of the reading I was somewhat surprised to discover there were three different manuscripts in print known as A, B, and C. This left the question which version did I read in middle school, what was added to the complete version, and whether or not it would be appropriate.

First I scanned the book, I found the section where she kisses Peter. Followed by a conversation with her father. Benign. Then I did a little research. I had heard a couple catch phrases of what may be included in the complete version, so I googled them. Thank you Google! One article entitled, "The Things Anne Frank was Frank About" was helpful in presenting the topics that has caused some concern to other parents.

I was left with the decision of read version A which was censored by her father, Otto Frank, or continue with the complete audio version. I decided to talk candidly with the kids and left them to decide. Listen to the audio book which is includes Anne's perspective of puberty, including menstruation, her vagina and feelings for Peter or read the other which omits some of the references to puberty issues. They decided to listen to the complete.

Which I feel is healthy. Bodies change, it is healthy to be observant of ones body. To hear another teen write briefly about these changes will not do harm, rather may be the assurance or comfort they need to get through it themselves.

Decision made. I did let the boy know that on the occasions were she is discussing her period or body changes and he was uncomfortable he is free to leave the room. We shall see where the discussions lead. I have a feeling they will focus more on the fact that she was in hiding during the Holocaust and ultimately lost her life rather than the fact that she got her period. ;)

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Overwhelmed! said...

Fascinating! I didn't realize the unedited version was 30% longer than the edited version. Now I need to go look at my book and see which one I have.

I visited the hiding place of Anne Frank in Amsterdam several years back. It was neat to see.